Baker v. Carr

Finished mixed-media piece (8″ x 20″) “Baker v Carr”. Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren once told a journalist that the most important case of his career was Baker v Carr, which surprised everyone in earshot because of how many high profile cases he was a part of (Miranda v. Arizona, Brown v. the board of education etc…). The story of the case itself is interesting enough but the interaction of the judges is a whole other story in and of itself and what inspired this painting. If you’d like to hear the podcast that first made me aware of the case (and I highly recommend it) you can find it here:

Bonus note: This piece was my first submission to the RVA ArtWorks monthly all-media jurored show. 130 pieces were submitted and 60 were accepted, including this one. The piece will remain up with the others until the end of March when the next monthly exhibition is chosen.

(Edit: Updated with a better photo)

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