Fall Project

This was worked on throughout the late Summer and Fall. 9×16″, done in pencil.

I began with thumbnails and digital sketches. I overlayed a 1″ grid on the digital images and drew a similar grid on my paper. This helps get the initial lines and proportions down and after that I’m left to add details and render the values. The lighting of the photos isn’t great but you can at least get a sense of the general sense of the steps taken.

Initial digital sketch.

Changing the environment, details and general lighting.

Settling on the environment and trying to build the figure with correct perspective.

Practicing perspective again to create the rug.

Adding in details.

General values.

Finishing the line-work on paper.

Starting to render.

The blanket she’s wearing changed a few times.

The original sketch had an open window to the night sky. It ended up being to dark and was changed to snow frosted glass.

Adding a border.

Scanned image, more or less finished. Some details remain to be worked on like the clock, the border and the lighting in certain spots.

Final product, framed.

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