Ideation Class

In February I took an online course taught by Sterling Hundley. Sterling is an accomplished painter, illustrator and faculty member at VCU in Richmond. The class focused on ideation, forming ideas and concepts. It was eye-opening to see how he’s built these systems around cultivating an idea to propel a project forward. Some of the case studies he showed us were from exhibitions and projects he’s done, including illustrations for Treasure Island that he did for the Folio Society. Getting a detailed overview of how his projects go from an idea to completion was awesome, and getting to practice that process with other artists was fun. Each of our projects entailed getting us to a value based “splash page” rather than a final piece of art, since the focus was on the ideation process rather than final renderings. These are my project images:

Here’s a broad overview of the process for the 2nd image. Before the thumbnails there’s a lengthy process of writing to help develop the themes and visuals you may use. Once those fundamentals are discovered, the image gets built up around them:


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