Ideation Lab 2018

In March I took a month long online course called the Ideation Lab, run by Sterling Hundley.  The course focuses on creating systems and processes for creative output. Sterling shares his professional experiences and the process he’s come up with to delineate between the variety of projects you might be asked to undertake as a visual artist, and he puts the students to work figuring out how to take an inspiring idea or personal experience and turn it into persistent, creative output. You learn that creativity isn’t something you’re born with, it’s absolutely a skill you can develop and begin using to fulfill both your personal and professional goals. All of the assignments are about a week long and none of them are brought to full render, with the focus being on developing that core idea of a piece to work in and of itself and also within a large narrative context (if it’s part of a larger piece of work). Below are some of the concepts I worked on for the class, along with one that was rendered a bit farther than the others. That assignment had us choose a text on our own and create something using the specific methods we’d been practicing. (I chose to create album art for a song I had been listening to at the time). That one was a fun chance to practice some mixed media techniques with collage, acrylic and lino-cuts.

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