Long Weekend

One of the benefits to working in a school district: Snow Days. Apparently it doesn’t take much for schools in VA to close their doors and even though each night I was sure I was going to work the next day, the call inevitably came around 5:00pm saying that schools were closed. That resulted in having the ENTIRE week off and giving me a surprisingly large amount of free time to work on stuff. Most of it was spent preparing the website, while the past couple of days I sat down and actually did some art.

I installed a new brush pack for photoshop that allows for some really cool textures. I had some fun playing around with the different brushes and settings. Ended up with the character below:

Purple Shirt

During the initial sketch I kept thinking about what the character would be wearing and after a bit of doodling realized I was drawing Korra, Ha! So I ended up stylizing it closer to something you might see in ‘Street Fighter’ or something. It was fun though, I’m looking forward to using these brushes on a longer project at some point.

Korra comparison:

Purple Shirt Sketches

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