Watercolor Practice

Practicing with watercolor over pencils on illustration board. Watercolor over ink on paper.

Ideation Class

In February I took an online course taught by Sterling Hundley. Sterling is an accomplished painter, illustrator and faculty member at VCU in Richmond. The […]

Wine Glass and Sketches

A glass of red wine that a relative asked me to paint for them, and some other sketches from the past few months below that. […]

99 Skulls

I came across these while organizing my things. Sketches from a lesson for the online program ‘Level Up’. Students were to draw 99 skulls (33 […]

Fall Project

This was worked on throughout the late Summer and Fall. 9×16″, done in pencil. I began with thumbnails and digital sketches. I overlayed a 1″ […]

Anna Lee Fisher

Anna Lee Fisher is a NASA astronaut and was the first mother to go into space. After the conclusion of her launch in 1984, she […]