99 Skulls

I came across these while organizing my things. Sketches from a lesson for the online program ‘Level Up’. Students were to draw 99 skulls (33 […]

Fall Project

This was worked on throughout the late Summer and Fall. 9×16″, done in pencil. I began with thumbnails and digital sketches. I overlayed a 1″ […]

Anna Lee Fisher

Anna Lee Fisher is a NASA astronaut and was the first mother to go into space. After the conclusion of her launch in 1984, she […]

Fantasy Piece

New work. The trees were fun to draw on this one.  

Inspiring Artists

If you’re looking for creative inspiration or just want see some great work, check out the web-sites below for these amazing authors and artists. I […]

Summer Work

This Summer I had the fortune of spending 6 weeks at the Hollins University graduate program for Children’s Book Illustrators. I had the chance to […]