SUMA Invitational

These are two pieces that will be heading to Southern Utah University for their SUMA (Southern Utah Museum of Art) Summer Invitational exhibition. The exhibition […]

How to make a Hanji inspired box

This is a tutorial of how to make a Hanji inspired box. For this box I did not use traditional Hanji paper but the results […]

New Desk

So I’ve finally finished making this new desk. At 45″ tall, 6′ wide, and 2.5′ deep this thing is huge and heavy. It’s very convenient […]

Quick Update

Hello! Haven’t done a whole lot of art these past couple of weeks because most of my free time has gone to putting together a […]

Winter Knight

Finished up this piece, for now at least. It’s 11×14 and eventually I’m going to ink this by hand, but for now I’m leaving it […]

Winter Knight WIP

Here is a Work in Progress, something I started doing last week. I wanted to  create an 11×14 black and white fantasy piece. The ground-work […]

Long Weekend

One of the benefits to working in a school district: Snow Days. Apparently it doesn’t take much for schools in VA to close their doors […]


This is the most recent work I’ve done. I’ve been enjoying working with pen and ink recently and like the subject matter. There’s a good […]