Quick Update

Hello! Haven’t done a whole lot of art these past couple of weeks because most of my free time has gone to putting together a new computer/drawing desk. I’m excited for it, it’s coming along slow and steady. This is the first time I’ve built something this big and I’ve made a few mistakes but I’m back on track and should be able to have it all finished by the weekend. The next project is going to be building a bed frame with drawers underneath which will be a whole other challenge and I’m glad I have this desk to practice on first. I’ve also been studying for my CompTIA A+ exam and hope to be taking that this season.

Our first craft fair in April is also coming up soon and we’re making preparations for that. I’ve got most of the prints I’ll be selling ready to go and I’ll be making Hanji Boxes as well. Jamie has some awesome looking jewelery and coasters that she’s made too. I’ll be sure to take pictures of everything when it’s all said and done, that will be its own post. Here’s a picture of one of the prints:


Once this desk gets done I’ll be back to drawing and will have some new art coming your way.

Take care!

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