Richmond Young Writers – 2019 Picture Books

This past spring I had the joy of working with Richmond Young Writers, a group dedicated to introducing young adults to creative writing through workshops, projects and guest speakers. Each year one of RYW’s projects is to guide its young authors through the process of writing a picture book. At the end of Spring the students are paired up with professional artists who volunteer their time for two months to illustrate the book. RYW designs and publishes the books over the Summer for a Fall release and as of today they are officially on sale! Sales go towards covering the cost of publication and funding next years Picture Book project. Once those two goals are met then any further sales are split between that books artist and author. Click here to view and purchase any of the 2019 picture books.

The book I illustrated is called Brave Little Bird, where “a hummingbird teaches a valuable lesson about what happens when those around us tear us down, and what we can do about it”. I began the illustrations as lino-cuts but found that I wouldn’t be able to print and paint them all in time. I switched over to collage / digital / watercolor to expedite things and had a fun time time working with the various papers and textures. The line drawings are digital while the collaged papers were scanned in and reshaped to provide texture and color. Watercolors were used to modify the paper in some places and then I used Photoshop to punch and alter some of the colors after being scanned in.

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