Summer Work

This Summer I had the fortune of spending 6 weeks at the Hollins University graduate program for Children’s Book Illustrators. I had the chance to meet some amazing artists and get taught by incredible working professionals. It was the first of a two summer long intensive and involved classes on writing picture books for children and the fundamentals of drawing. Not only were our teachers outstanding, we also had great guest speakers that included Dennis Nolan, Charles Vess, Cece Bell and Bill Thompson. It was pretty inspiring to be working beside a combination of people who are trying to make a name for themselves and others who were at various stages in the process of publishing new material.  Here are a few pieces from those classes. I’ll be posting some more work soon of one of the stories I’m developing, along with some posts focusing on work from the faculty and students I met at Hollins.

Mike Zaweski - Magical Forest
11×17, bristol paper, pencils.


Charcoal Study
A charcoal study on toned 80 lb. paper.


Fancy Walrus
Colored pencils on toned 80 lb. paper. Combining animals with costumes from old masters.


Charcoal Portrait
Charcoal on newsprint. Rendered from photos taken during one of our classes.
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