Trolls and Birds

Some more sketches. The trolls are a mix of Brian Froud studies and my own. I was practicing watercolors over pencils to see how things turned out, using them in different orders, amounts and adding in other things like inks/masking/colored pencil.  I like the effect, thought it was easy to mess up and add too much or muddy up the pencils. Having a thin wash go down first acts as a nice sealant, and inking afterwards makes the image pop a bit more. This was on illustration board and the masking fluid I used ended up removing a fair amount of paint when I tried on the bottom left tree, still not sure if that’s from too much or to little water. I tried inking in the image with the forest spirit and the tree with some solid blacks, and I don’t think it’s the way to go if you’re using lighter watercolors. The shading from the pencil drawing underneath was definitely enough.

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